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Does microdosing ring a bell? Or is this health phenomenon completely new to you? Whether you are an artist, an entrepreneur or something else, taking microdoses of psychedelics can help you to fully tap into your flow and creativity. It is not a miracle medicine, but it is an excellent tool for personal growth.

In December 2021, we started with an intense brainstorm session to get to know the brand. Then we covered a national consumer trend research about the promising Belgium start-up. This helped us get insights for the yearly PR-plan & topics. The results? An amazing year full of interesting TV (VTM Nieuws coming soon!), radio & print coverage. We collaborated with famous Belgian artists like DJ Jef Eagl and ‘Marathon Man’ Stefaan Engels to reinforce the PR story. Excited about learning more? Watch the 2-hours-long radio-interview with founders Lorenzo Bown (ex-StoryMe) and Nicolas Rogiers (ex Kodibox).

What we did

  • PR Strategy
  • PR Campaign
  • Influencer marketing
  • Content session

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