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Together with Camber we launched the first interior podcast in Belgium: Camber Your Home. We saw their audience needed more creative content to inspire everyone how we live in Belgium, what we find important about our homes and the change we experience in every phase of our life.

The concept of the podcast started in 2022, which we worked on for a full year before launching it. We’ve considered all the topics, trends and developments in real estate, smart and sustainable living, creative custom solutions and home organizing. The result: 8 short series that sees experts guiding listeners on a particular area of their own expertise, together with host Xavier Taveirne. We developed the content strategy and created the motion designs for FB, IG and Tiktok to spread the content across Camber’s social channels and to reach their audience with fun, but informative snackable content.

What we did

  • Concept creation
  • Film script
  • Social campaign
  • Video & motion
  • Visual identity
  • Social advertising
  • Consumer research study
  • Copywriting

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