We are creative, free-thinking individuals. Love sitting around nice interiors, enjoying pure food and traveling to unknown destinations. We believe in an open-minded work environment based on clear communication. It doesn’t matter where you work or in how many hours you’re doing it, it’s getting the job done that’s important for us. We want to work with people that have the same values, but also share related interests in interior, food & lifestyle. Want to break free? Everybody who is passionate about great work is always welcome at our table.

this is us


Speaks the language of digital few understand without asking: “Whaaat?”. Serves up strategic solutions no one else thinks of. Goes in directions no one else dares to go. Sees the future without a crystal ball. Single-handedly represents the next Gen of early adopters. Has not had his own Ted Talk yet.


The backbone of the company. Born on the PR planet. Creating the space for creativity to happen. With her Macedonian roots, she is a true international mind split between strategic thinking and clever firepower. A brilliant eye for styling & detail. Impeccable taste. With her, everything is possible.


We call him The Professor. Passionate for the subject, teaching, and learning. And surprise, surprise! He’s actually a real professor, teaching young students the art of digital marketing. The know-it-all in digital display and all forms of performance marketing. There is no ad that is not improved by him. No tendency that escapes his curious eyes.

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