VRT – Ons huis/nieuw huis

Almost everyone watched Ons huis/nieuw huis on VRT1, where interior architect Ken and real estate agent Kristien compete against each other. They visit eight couples in Flanders who do not (any longer) live in the house of their dreams. Do the couples choose for a renovation or a new house and a fresh start?

Two of our clients Camber en Meubelen Verberckmoes participated as a proud partner of the program. What was our job you might wonder? We worked out a content & digital strategy for both clients and executed it by creating content for their social media and websites. We also created a 360 of all the locations. All this content also has to reach the right audience, which we targeted via Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. The brand awareness and traffic to stores increased et voila, another project completed.

What we did

  • Content strategy
  • Digital strategy
  • 360 shoot
  • Content creation
  • Social advertising
  • Motion design

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